The Tokaitrade Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise that chiefly provides all commodities and services for everybody of manufacturing and aims at the contribution to society.
We are aiming creating a new business model corresponding to needs of the manufacturing premise that always changes, providing service that adds the additional value that not is so far, and contributing to a rich social-making.

It is thought that such a revolution period is a very valuable chance for the growth of the talent who is the source of the value creation of our company at the same time as a lot of business opportunities' that lead to the growth in the future existing though the world economy and the social structure come a big revolution period now.

It must come aiming to provide the commodity and the service that reaches person's mind at the same time as offering the value that the world requests by a global aspect by a warm glance, and I must give the order anything if it is likely to be able to help in us.

Would like to receive the support of everybody read, and Please continue your favors humbly.

Corporate principles

Our company aims at correct Enterprise Management that achieves all happy of the employee, the growth evolution of the enterprise and the social responsibilities.

Management basis policy

  • A healthy management foundation is made.
  • It looks to future by the international perspective.
  • Talent is forged, and brought up.
  • All members advance integral management.
  • It aims at development with the customer.